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A.T.C. has been monitoring Security and Fire Systems

nationwide for over 25 years. Although we are a small

Central compared to the large national companies, we

offer and perform the same great services. A.T.C is

U.L. certified to make sure your customers are always taken care of. All of our systems such as computers, phones, alarm receivers,  records are redundant. Also, we maintain a large back-up electrical generation system.


Our automated monitoring software is powered by Bold Technologies. This software allows, you, the dealer to have full access to your accounts and allows your customers to have access to their own accounts, if they choose, through the BoldNet Mobile app.


              Alarm Telecommunications Center, Inc. was started in 1990 by Loretta Ross and her son Robert Marinelli. Loretta was the Central Station Manager for Protective Security also located in Pennsylvania. In 1990, the owner sold the Central and all of their accounts to a large national company. The new company closed the Central and bridged the phone lines to their own Central Station in another state. Loretta and fellow employees were suddenly without jobs.

               With the alarm monitoring expertise from Loretta and Robert's business knowledge and funding skills, the company started operations in July 1990.  Now 28 years later, hundreds of Alarm Dealers place their trust and customers in our hands.

               After an alarm is installed, you probably won't interact with that customer until the battery dies 5 years down the road but here at the alarm center we constantly have frequent contact with those customers. Aside from their safety and well being, we are representing YOU and YOUR company.

               On the alarm dispatch end of the business, you can be confident that every signal received will be handled in a serious, professional and expedited

manner. Also, your customers, their employees and their contacts will be spoken to in a friendly and respectful manner in every conversation that we have with them.

              As mentioned, we do offer and perform the same services as all Central Stations. We all use the same equipment, and we are all prepared for long term power failures. For better service to you, when you call our central station you will always get a live friendly dispatcher, and he or she is going to do whatever it takes to make you a satisfied customer. We wont have you sitting through menus and voicemail's wasting your time. We value your time here at A.T.C. and want to make you as satisfied as possible.

              We train, and instruct our employees to make it as simple and easy as they can for you when you need something done or have any questions.  We understand that you, the alarm dealer, doesn't have to use us to monitor your customers. You can browse the internet and find 10 other Centrals to use but the difference between us and those other centrals is that our employees will go that extra mile for you. We take care of our employees for taking care of you!


Call or email today for more information. 





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